Our company has used Accutel for our telephone and IT services for over 10 years and have always been highly satisfied with not only great customer service, but their technical knowledge was way beyond anybody else we had encountered.

Fred Fox Jr. President
Fox Dental Laboratory

We have been using Accutel for our IT and communications needs for several years,and we are completely satisfied with the services and support that this company provides. Accutel is a leader in evaluating our ongoing communications needs and supporting our constantly growing business with equipment upgrades, expansion options, and excellent customer service.

Bridget Samojeden Regional Director of Operations

Accutel has done their best throughout when dealing with my Company. Their analysis added significant value to our evaluation process. The services they were able to provide in the Tampa Bay area for our installed equipment couldn’t be found elsewhere. A solid vendor in the SMB space, Accutel can be depended on for knowledgeable and friendly service.

Noah Brodbeck Associate Director of IT

I enlisted Accutel Total Solutions, specifically Mr. Umesh Patel, to assist me with tailoring a new phone system to our company’s needs. Mr. Patel presented multiple solutions and discussed the pros and cons of each to assist me with making a final decision regarding the best scenario for our company. Not having any real experience in the communications field, I ultimately relied on the recommendations of Mr. Patel. Having now had the phone system for approximately 6 months, I am able to report it was a very prudent decision. We did experience some minor issues immediately following the installation of the system (to be expected) but a simple phone call to Mr. Patel and the problem was attended to and solved immediately. We are completely satisfied with our new phone system and have Accutel and Mr. Patel to thank for that.

I would highly recommend Accutel Total Solutions when considering the purchase of a new system. The equipment and customer support provided have been second to none. They were the right choice for us as I’m sure they will be for you!

Richard Marston Process Systems & Components, Inc.